Leasing & Managing Single-Family Homes in Denver

Single-family homes in Denver and the surrounding areas make great investments. Whether you’re a local property owner or investing in Denver homes from out-of-state, the team at Walters & Company understands your needs and goals. Our experience with single-family homes provides owners with peace of mind and consistent return on investment (ROI).

From leasing your vacant property to managing and maintaining it throughout the tenancy, we’re prepared and proactive. You won’t lose money on things like vacancy and deferred maintenance. Instead, you’ll have a well-maintained rental home that’s occupied by high-quality tenants. Ask us about our experience with single-family investment homes.

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Leasing Your Denver Home to Long Term Tenants

Long vacancy periods will stall your cash flow and stunt your long term returns. We know that the tenants looking for single-family homes in the Denver rental market want high quality properties in desirable locations.

Reaching those tenants requires strategic marketing and online advertising. We’ll put your listing on all the popular rental websites, increasing its reach and attracting highly qualified prospective residents. We also use professional yard signs with single-family home rentals because we know your next great tenant may be walking or driving through the neighborhood.

Our leasing department is quick to follow up with tenants who inquire about your property. We tell them everything they need to know; when it will be ready for move-in, what type of lease terms we’re looking for, and whether pets are allowed. We do a little pre-screening as well, asking questions to find out whether they’ll be qualified to rent your house.

The showing process is efficient and the application process moves quicker, thanks to our great technology and our investment in automated screening systems. We’ll look for past evictions, evaluate and verify income, and check credit reports and criminal history.

Once we’ve found the best tenant for your single-family Denver rental home, we’ll execute the lease, collect the move-in funds, and plan a property inspection. We take care of every detail.

We lease properties all over Denver and the metro area as well as surrounding communities and neighborhoods.

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Effectively Managing Your Denver Rental Home

Denver Rental Properties
Denver Rental Properties

Tenants who rent single-family homes want privacy, space, and comfort. Most of the residents in our single-family properties enjoy helping to maintain their homes. There’s pride in their property and their neighborhood, and that contributes to our goal of protecting the condition of your investment.

When your tenants move in, we’re clear about what we expect. All of our residents understand their responsibilities and they take those things seriously. We conduct routine inspections to check for deferred maintenance, and we respond immediately to any urgent or routine repairs.

Working together, your Walters & Company property management team and your residents ensure your home is clean, well-maintained, and attractive.

Some of the things we’re sure to discuss with your single-family tenants include:

  • Turning on utility accounts in the tenant’s name.

  • Preventative pest control.

  • Keeping the interior of the property clean.

  • Expected wear and tear issues versus tenant damage.

  • Changing air filters and light bulbs.

We don’t like surprises, and we don’t like leaving things to chance. We manage and maintain your Denver rental home effectively because we practice excellent tenant communication and we have a strong and specific set of expectations that are documented in the lease agreement.

We maintain rental homes all over Denver, in zip codes like 80210, 80209, 80203, 80205, 80218, 80015, and 80012.

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We are the best Property Management Company in the Denver Area.

Walters & Company has been involved in the local real estate and rental market for years. We understand the price points, the tenant pool, and the local vendors and contractors.

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