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What is property management?

What is property management?

If you own a rental property, you may have a need for property management. Property management is extremely beneficial to rental property owners and can make the daily management of their properties much easier. Let’s take a closer look at what all an Aurora property management company can do to see if this approach is right for your rental.

Property Management Overview

Through the help of property management, rental property owners can experience a hands-off approach to the day-to-day oversight of their rental units. Property managers are trained in various types of rental properties like commercial, residential, and even industrial real estate. Their care of all on-site and off-site needs ensures quick turn-around times for emergencies and tenant complaints, as well. As the property owner, you’ll also decide how involved you want to be with the overall management process. You can choose to delegate certain routine tasks to the property management company or simply let them handle the bulk of the tasks while you generate income. Property management companies typically deduct a fee generated by the amount of rent collected from each property they manage.

General Duties of a Property Manager

So, what does a property management company actually help with? Below are just a few common responsibilities of a property manager.

Rent Management

A property management company can help research and set appropriate rent prices for the area. A local Aurora property management team who recognizes common rental market fluctuations can help you secure long-term tenants. It’s also much easier to collect rent through a property management team. It’s their job to reinforce rental due dates and late fees in order to optimize the flow of income.

Tenant Management

Another aspect of rental properties that a property management company oversees is new tenant screening. Finding responsible tenants is an important job, especially if you’re looking to ensure rental income year-round. Property managers not only perform background screening and handle all new rental agreements. They are also responsible for evicting tenants, managing tenant move-out procedures, and fielding daily issues.

Property Management

Managing the physical property is another item on the agenda for property managers. They’ll call for any emergency repairs as well as schedule routine checkups for on-site utilities. When general maintenance and repairs are performed, they’ll also inspect the work for timeliness and performance. Many property management companies work with specific contractors for maintenance needs.

Budget Management

For those property owners needing budgeting and accounting help, look no further. Many property management companies can assist with budget management, record keeping, and accounting. With their expertise, you can stay on track financially to handle emergency issues regarding your investment property. If you need help managing your residential or commercial rental property, contact our Aurora property management team.