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The Top 3 Places Near Denver to Invest in Rental Property

You don’t need to do anything more than drive up the street to realize just how much Denver has grown in recent years. As more people migrate here from other states and countries, the real estate market is thriving. Homeowners are seeing a remarkable return on investment, and the need for rental homes and multi-family dwellings is rising. In this article, we will explore some of the best rental opportunities available.

Rental Properties in Denver

Denver is thriving as a city, and more people are moving here for work and entertainment. With our incredible spaces and easy access to nature, people are seeing what Coloradans have always known: Denver is the place to be. Of course, some areas present a much better opportunity for investors.

Lone Tree

Located just south of Denver, Lone Tree is the city that knew that it could be anything. Once formed as a small space next to the much larger Highlands Ranch, this city has grown substantially in recent years. With easy access to the light rail and all of the perks of traditional suburban living, Lone Tree is proving to offer the best of both worlds, making it a great investment opportunity for those who don’t mind spending a little extra upfront.

Cherry Creek

The Cherry Creek area has been a highly coveted spot for locals for some time, and it is now more popular than ever. With access to the beautiful Cherry Creek Reservoir and a short commute to the city, it is easy to see why people love living here. The area has everything that a renter could want and more, particularly for families that are hoping to get the most for their kids. This area offers access to the renowned Cherry Creek School District and easy access to several high-end private schools. 

Capitol Hill

Known for being in the center of the action, Capitol Hill offers everything that renters could want and more. This spot is located right in the heart of Denver and has easy access to everything nearby. Renters who want an opportunity to truly live in the city actively flock to this area, making it a prime opportunity for anyone looking to invest in a rental property. Since it is close to everything that a person could need, it is an easy location that will surely go fast.


Denver is a dream location for property investors who want to be able to guarantee tenancy. As more years pass, Denver continues to thrive—and the rental prices are only going up. With so many people ready to pay top dollar to live in these locations, it is easy to see why investors should start scouting the area sooner rather than later. For help managing your property, don’t forget to explore our Aurora property management services and everything that we offer.