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Is Property Management Profitable?

Is Property Management Profitable?

Owning your home is wonderful, but profiting off of it is even better. Property management is a wonderful way to build residual income through real estate. Here are some important facts about managing rental properties, and why it is such a great way to make a profit.

Manage Multiple Properties

Most successful property managers and landlords work on multiple-income properties. This provides you with more than one source that enables you to earn more money. Especially when you can make three to five sources of income from multiple properties. This can become a full-time income.

10% Rule

Most often, property managers make about 10% of the rents as their fee. This is the fee for managing properties. If you are managing a high-rent complex then you will be able to obtain a larger income while doing the same amount of work that you would do for a lower rental unit. You also may be given a free place to stay.

Technology Helps

Now, technology has made being a property manager easier than ever. It also has made it more lucrative. This is because property managers can automate most of the processes and eliminate the difficulties that used to come with managing rentals and tenants. Rather than deal with tenants, payments, evictions, repairs, and communication issues, you can utilize digital tools. This requires less effort, meaning more time for more properties.

Work to Own Your Own Properties

If you can purchase your own properties and manage them, this will be even more lucrative. Rental properties are a tangible investment you can control. Other investments do not give you as much freedom because you simply hand over your money and hope for the best. With a physical asset, you can get profitable returns each month. When you manage your own properties, you can increase your returns and protect your investment. It is also so much easier to own properties when you have rental income coming in. You can easily own multiple properties and obtain residual income from all of them simply by acting as a property manager.

Typical property management questions

  • What goes into a great rental property management team?
  • How does the property management process work?
  • If rental properties are a great investment, why doesn’t everyone do it?
  • What are the risk factors of owning rental properties?
  • How much money do I need to get started?
  • What type of property makes the best investments?
  • How much money can I really expect to make?
  • How do I make repairs?
If you are interested in learning the answers to these questions, contact Arvada Property Management. We can provide you with all the answers, so you too can get started in management, or owning your own property. Contact us today for more information!