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5 Steps To Keep Vacant Properties Safe

5 Steps To Keep Vacant Properties Safe

Safeguarding a vacant property goes beyond mere maintenance—it’s about preserving its allure and security. Neglecting curb appeal or leaving visible signs of vacancy can invite unwanted attention, from trespassers to vandals. Here’s how proactive property managers can mitigate these risks and maintain the integrity of their assets.

Maintain Curb Appeal

One of the most important cautions property managers can take to ensure the safety of a vacant home is to maintain the curb appeal. An overgrown lawn gives the impression that the home was abandoned making it seem like an easy target for theft, trespassing, or vandalism. The goal of upkeeping the lawn is to create the illusion that the property is occupied. An overflow of mail could also pose a potential threat, so be sure to take that into consideration by simply assigning someone to check the mail.

Keep Prying Eyes Out

A sure way to tip-off any trespassers is to give them a sneak peek into a property. Installing blinds or leaving behind some curtains is an easy approach to safeguarding a vacant home. The lack of furnishings and life can be a dead giveaway. The chances of someone trying to break in will be considerably less if they suspect someone is living there.

Consult the Neighbors

Not all properties are going to be blessed with neighbors willing to help out, but it's always worth asking. Having an active neighbor to help keep an eye on a vacant property could prevent many mishaps. Drop by for a friendly visit and let them know the space will be vacant and kindly ask them to keep a lookout and allow them to use the driveway. Chances are they will be willing to help create the illusion with efforts of keeping the neighborhood safe.

Make Frequent Visits

Sometimes the best way to ensure the safety of your investment is to take matters into your own hands. Coordinate with your property management team and make sure someone is making frequent visits to the companies vacant properties at least once a week. Make sure our alarm systems are a go and there is absolutely no evidence of an empty home.

Insurance Policy

If all previous precautions are met then it might not be necessary to consider this step. However, yes, insurance companies actually provide for vacant properties. We highly recommend this for property managers that oversee remote properties. If better safe than sorry is the goal, then go get a quote!  Or in any case, do some research and find out what type of coverage is offered and at what price.