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3 Reasons to Get Renters Insurance

3 Reasons to Get Renters Insurance

Some people like to take chances in life. We all know someone who will undoubtedly decline that extended warranty, protection plan, or any non-mandatory insurance. Money is the obvious motive in these cases. Although, many people do not consider the opportunity cost of having a renters insurance policy. From our experience in the Denver Property Management industry, we have seen the several benefits renters insurance has to offer tenants.

Here are some Words From The Walters:

1) It’s AFFORDABLE and worth every penny!

As humans, when it comes to saving money or saving your buttocks, a standard risk assessment is set to take place. However, renters insurance doesn’t require much consideration. Renters insurance can be acquired for as cheap as 10 to 20 dollars per month. The value truly outweighs the risk. Less than 200 dollars will completely cover tenants during a one year lease, potentially saving them from thousands of dollars due to theft, damage, injury, or even natural disaster.

2) Avoid catching a LEGAL CASE!

Tenants may not always be prepared or happen to anticipate certain unfortunate circumstances that could occur on the premises. Just remember anything can happen and the tenant could easily be held liable for whatever situation that manifests. Renters insurance allows tenants to live without such uncertainty. Save yourself a trip to the court room by holding an insurance policy when your friend’s friend wants to come over, slip, fall, and file a lawsuit.

3) There is NO good argument against it!

Sometimes the best reason to do something is because there’s no good reason not to. The only logical argument against renters insurance involves sacrificing the money. But is it really a sacrifice or is it the best investment you will ever make, saving potentially thousands of dollars? A cost-benefit analysis is simply a non-factor when it comes to deciding whether or not to take out a renters insurance policy. Overall, the intention of our words is to raise awareness of how renters insurance can be both inexpensive and convenient for tenants.