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10 Real Estate Investing Quotes to Live By: Part 2

10 Real Estate Investing Quotes to Live By: Part 2

1. Avoid penny-pinching and the scarcity mentality. But definitely set a realistic budget and add to it every chance you get. Outsource as much as possible to maximize your time. Always shoot for a high return on your investment, but please don’t ever expect something for nothing (…ain’t gonna happen). – Jerry Puckett

2. When you pull comps, think in terms of an “apples to apples” approach. If the subject property was not available, would a buyer realistically consider purchasing the comps instead? Moreover, be careful to not choose a random price per sq ft figure and use that to establish your value since the figure might not fit your property. – Ryan Lundquist

3. Choose one investing strategy and master it before moving on to another one.  It’s really easy to get distracted by “shiny object syndrome” and lose your focus. Don’t be tempted to “dabble” in a whole bunch of different strategies when you are just getting started. – Sharon Vornholdt

4. Don’t get emotional. Don’t pass up good deals just because you can’t picture living in them and don’t buy something that you adore if the math doesn’t work. – Debbie Drummond

5. Set actionable goals and activities. How many offers will I make each day, week, month?  That will equate to how many deals I will close each month.  Track your workflow.  Whatever gets measured gets managed. – Mark Podolsky

6. Do NOT start out investing with a plan you constructed on your own. This includes deciding what/when/why/how to buy your first investment property(s). It’s not that you don’t know the answers. It’s that you don’t know all the questions. – Jeff Brown

7. When it comes to saving on taxes and setting up your entities, make sure you get the facts instead of falling victim to some of the common myths that are out there on the internet. – Amanda Han

8. Sit down with someone who invests in real estate (hopefully your own realtor) and ask them questions like, “How many homes have you purchased?” and “What is your primary goal – Buy and Hold or Buy and flip?” Ask them how many times they’ve failed as well. – Connor T. MacIVOR

9. Read a book a month then reach out to the author. My 2nd mentor came from reaching out to the author after I read his book. – Joe Fairless

10. Focus on cash flow. This is the golden source of income that will drive the value of every other aspect of your real estate business. – Seth Williams