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What Services Do Property Management Companies Offer?

What Services Do Property Management Companies Offer?

Property management companies provide you with a property manager to collect and cash rent checks, but they also provide so much more. From staying on top of regulations to fixing broken toilets and dishwashers, property managers exist to protect your units and investments. The best part about hiring a property manager is that you can sit back and relax while someone else manages your passive income investment.

Invest Regardless of Your Residence

When it comes to real estate, it is one investment that needs someone to manage in person. Although this does not need to be you, it does need to be someone. Property managers can allow you to invest somewhere that is far away from where you live and give you the freedom to invest wherever is more lucrative.

Knowledge of Laws and Regulations

It can be difficult to know all of the landlord-tenant laws in the areas that you own properties. Property managers will provide you with expertise in the current laws, regulations, and ordinances. This helps you to avoid issues in the long run.

Respond to Maintenance Requests

Maintenance requests are some of the most annoying and tedious tasks as a landlord. Hiring a property management company allows you to avoid unclogging a toilet, or removing a snake from inside the house.

Stay On Top Of Maintenance

By staying on top of regular maintenance, you can help keep the overall costs of your maintenance down. This also keeps you from having to find someone you trust to come in and constantly repair things. When your property manager can do it all, you won’t have to worry about that.

Fill Vacancies

One of the most important tasks that a property manager can do is to market your property and fill the vacancies in your home. Hiring a property manager helps you to avoid potential loss due to vacancies. They will not only help you renew leases, but they will find new and qualified tenants for your property.

Screen Tenants and Collect Security Deposits

By properly screening tenants and collecting a deposit, you will be able to reduce your own financial risk. Property managers can perform background checks, credit checks, as well as confirm both employment and positive rental history. Your property manager will vet criminals, and confirm that the pet policy is followed. Overall they will also be sure that everything complies with fair housing and discrimination laws.

Reduce Overall Costs

Property managers help to reduce overall costs by starting with lower management costs. Since your manager will give your property the attention it deserves, you will end up making more money and reducing costs in every way. Rather than pay one person for maintenance, one person for security, one person for financial management, and one person for marketing, you will have all of these roles combined into one. 

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