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The 5 Updates That Keep Tenants Happy

The 5 Updates That Keep Tenants Happy

Here are some Words From The Walters:


Who all spends most of their time in the kitchen?  From our experience in the Denver Property Management Industry, we know how important an updated kitchen can be for our tenants. In fact, this space can often be a dealbreaker when leasing properties. During showings, the kitchen seems to always be the focal point; upon entering, the cook in the family immediately embarks on his or her journey to the kitchen. Tenants love to see new appliances, countertops, cabinets, and love some sort of kitchen island.  Just remember, even simple updates like a fresh coat of painting on the kitchen cabinets can completely reinvent the experience.


Bathrooms can often be associated with negative  words such as dirt, scum, residue, etc. As property managers, it is our DUTY to vanquish these negative perspectives.  A bathroom has the potential to provide tenants with their own personal sanctuary for escaping the everyday hustles of life. Property managers should seek to create the ultimate ‘at home spa’ feel, the ultimate relaxation space. Installing a new shower head or a new faucet for the sink will make a world of a difference. Updating the bathroom will increase the value of the property without a doubt, allowing to rent the space at a higher price point.


The Denver Property Management Industry is loaded with some fun surprises. So with that being said, do not be surprised to find carpet in the strangest of places. Walking a tenant through a carpeted bathroom will just never be the vibe. The importance of updating ancient practices such as carpeting a bathroom must be stressed to the property owners. Be prepared to start rip that carpet up yourself and seek estimates for tile if need be. Property managers often come across neglected hardwood floors. Although this situation should not be of great concern, it will require some good old-fashioned TLC. Refinishing these hardwood floors back to life will skyrocket the property value.


Managers should really consider the first impression of the property. Landscape has everything to do with selling that curb appeal. Typically, tenants have already scoped out the address and the neighborhood before even  attending a showing. It is such a shame to watch tenants fall in love with a space, but remain disappointed with the lack of landscaping. Creating a comforting, aesthetically pleasing, outdoor living space for entertaining is a huge selling point for tenants. A simple solution for this can consist of upkeeping the lawn and planting some flowers.


While searching through rental  listings, tenants will discover many different advertising points. Property managers should take pride in having the credibility to advertise a property as  ‘FULL OF LIGHT.’ Whether the space is blessed with the gift of Earth’s organic lighting or loaded with contemporary and appealing light fixtures, it is our responsibility make sure the space is LIT in some manner. The pinnacle of modernising a home involves updating the lighting. Today, light fixtures have the potential to increase the artisanal value of any space and value equals success in property management.