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How to find a good property manager?

Choosing the right property manager for your investment properties is extremely important. This is because property managers don’t just handle rent collection - they handle some of the most important aspects of managing your rentals. This includes screening new tenants, handling budgets and invoices, being available for emergency situations, and more. So, how do you find the best property manager for your rentals? Read on to discover the best tips and tricks to finding the best Aurora property management company.

Do your research

There are a few different ways that you can research property managers in your area. The first is to get referrals from colleagues, realtors, and others from your personal network. Building out a referral catalogue with their suggestions can help you determine the strengths of each property manager you’re researching. Another way to research local property management teams is through online databases. Many property management companies have profiles on databases like the Better Business Bureau that include reviews from past clients. Browsing individual sites can also give more insight into a property manager’s work. Be sure to follow up with a phone call or email to get more information on the company’s mission and management techniques.

Ensure they are certified

It’s especially important to work with a property manager who holds the correct licenses and certifications. This ensures that they are not only knowledgeable, but reputable. There are a few ways you can check for a property manager's certifications and credentials. The following trade organization databases provide information regarding property manager certifications:
  • The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM)
  • The National Apartment Association (NAA)
  • The National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM)
  • The Community Associations Institute (CAI)
These continuing education courses take time, effort, and money to complete. If the property manager you choose is listed under any of these organizations, you’ll know that they have put in the time and effort to learn their trade.

Perform a yearly check-up

Once you’ve chosen a property manager to work with, be sure to perform occasional evaluations. Yearly check-ins with your property manager ensures that everything is running smoothly. This also allows you to get a glimpse of their work and how they handle various issues. It’s also a good time to touch base on current tenant needs, changing rental agreements, and any maintenance issues. Checking in with your tenants can also give you an idea of how well the property manager handled day-to-day management over the past year. Finding a property manager that checks all of your boxes can be a difficult and time consuming experience. When it comes to rental properties in Colorado, there’s no one who knows the business better than an Aurora property management company. Contact Walters & Company Property Management for your rental property needs.