Decades ago, if you were interested in renting out your apartment or home, the best way to find potential tenants was through word-of-mouth. Eventually, the Internet came, and Craigslist and Facebook became great solutions for finding tenants. However, even though you can post on Facebook and Craigslist, you should still have a home base for your rental information. Let’s talk about the best rental listing sites for landlords.


Best Rental Listing Sites for Landlords


  1. First, is Zillow. Zillow rental manager has been around for a long time, and they are trusted by both potential tenants and existing landlords. It is free to list a place on Zillow, but there is a $35 fee for renters. Additionally, there is a built-in tenant screening service which makes finding good tenants much easier.
  2. Next, Avail is another great site for listing your rental property. If you have several properties to list, you can invest in one of their plans. When it comes to screening tenants, they have multiple types of tenant screening reports. Unfortunately, there is a $55 tenant fee if the landlord requires a background check.
  3. Finally, is another great site for listing properties. Because of the name and reputation, attracts many potential tenants. There is a $29 fee for screening report applications, but you can tag listings by neighborhood, making it even easier for tenants to search for your property.


As the rental market changes, finding quality tenants can be a struggle. In fact, it can be downright costly. For this reason, it is imperative to be smart about where you list your place and make sure you are searching for quality over quantity when it comes to potential tenants. If the idea of searching for tenants is too much trouble, you can hire a property manager, such as Walters and Company, to handle all of the details for you.