Denver Property Management Owner FAQ’s

When will I receive rent payments?
Owner deposits are made via ACH disbursements by the 15th of every month. ACH transactions generally take 2-3 business days to be reflected in your bank account.
Do you run background checks on potential tenants?
Walters and Company takes tenant screening seriously. We verify all information contained in an application and perform multiple inquires to ensure we have a high-quality tenant, including: National Eviction History, Criminal Background Check Credit History, Income Verification, Rental History Check, Employment Verification, and Bankruptcy Search.
How and when do lease renewals occur?
Walters and Company will reach out to the owner approximately 60-45 days before the lease termination to propose a new rent rate based on current market conditions. You always have final approval before any renewal offer is sent to the tenant.
Where will my property be marketed?

Walters and Company uses sophisticated software to market your property across the web. The websites used are constantly changing but the listings are sent to Zillow, Trulia, Hot Pads, Lovely,, REcolorado to name a few. It will also be advertised at

What happens in a maintenance emergency?
In the event of a maintenance emergency, the tenant will call the Walters and Company 24-hour emergency phone line. The Walters and Company representative will take the actions to make sure the issue is resolved–immediately if necessary.
Can Walters and Company help get my property ready to rent?
Walters and Company is happy to help with basic repairs, basic remodels and maintenance as you prepare your home to be marketed. We will also coordinate all repairs and maintenance during a residents tenancy.
Who picks the rental price?
Walters and Company will provide you with a comparative rental assessment using our resources and our professional market knowledge. You get to pick the final price that the house is marketed and finally rented at.
Does Walters and Company send monthly financial statements?
Walters and Company provides Monthly statements by the 15th of every month. These statements are available via an owner portal that allows you to see accounting in real time. Walters and Company will also provide at IRS Form 1099 for tax reporting purposes.