Applicant has the right to provide Walters & Company Property Management with a Portable Tenant Screening Report (PTSR) that is not more that 30 days old, as defined in 38-12-902(2.5), Colorado Revised Statues; and 2) if Applicant provides Walters & Company Property Management with a PTSR, Walters & Company Property Management is prohibited from: a) charging Application a rental application fee; or b) charging Applicant a fee for Walters & Company Property Management to access or use the PTSR


All applications are online. If you cannot upload any of your supporting documentation, please email directly to
✓ Credit Scores of at least 650 +
✓ At least 3 Years of Verifiable Rental/Mortgage Payment History
✓ At least 2x the rental rate in household income
✓ PROOF OF INCOME: 2 Months Most Recent Pay Stubs OR Previous Year’s Tax Returns OR Accepted Offer Letter OR 2 Months Most Recent Bank Statements
✓ All adults living at the property MUST apply individually.
✓ If you have a Service Animal, a letter of necessity from a licensed and practicing doctor will be required.
✓ Proof of Identification will be required upon application approval.
✓ If application is approved, Security Deposit and Lease will be required to be signed with 48 hours of approval.
✓ Application Fee ($65-nonrefundable). The $65 non-refundable application fee is based on the average cost to process an application. This Cost is made up of $34.45 for credit and criminal reporting and employee costs of $32.58 to administer application process and review for total cost of $67.03.