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You can request a free rental property analysis today and know what your property is worth before listing it. Walters & Company is a professional Littleton property management company operating in Littleton and surrounding areas for several years.

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Efficient and Hassle-Free Property Management


Efficient Property Management Process

If you’re looking for a reliable Littleton property management company, Walters & Company is a partner you can count on for property management in Littleton, CO. Our streamlined processes ensure a hassle-free experience, from strategic marketing to thorough tenant screening. Specializing in single-family homes, we leverage our market expertise to find the right tenants, ensuring optimal outcomes for homeowners in Littleton.

Leasing and Managing Homes in Littleton

When it comes time to lease your Littleton rental property, count on Walters & Company for exceptional service. We showcase your property on over 100 rental websites, maximizing exposure and attracting a qualified pool of tenants.


Your Partner in Success

We are more than just a property management company. Walters & Company is dedicated to your success. We help you maximize returns, minimize vacancies, and ensure the thriving success of your investment in Littleton real estate. If you’re seeking investment opportunities, we also provide assistance with risk-adjusted returns.

Stay Ahead of Market Trends

To provide you with the best services, Walters & Company stays ahead of market trends. We are members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers, which further allows us to stay informed about the latest industry developments. We offer a comprehensive list of property management services, including thorough rent analysis, property marketing, tenant finding and screening, legal guidance, eviction (when necessary), property inspections, and more.

Leasing and Managing Homes in Lakewood

Let’s Help You Make the Best of Your Rental Property in Littleton


Get Professional Littleton Property Management

Our team provides an accurate assessment of your property’s rental value, considering location, condition, and amenities. The rental evaluation is personalized to your property and grounded in market research. We’re committed to helping you maximize rental income and attract quality tenants in Littleton.

Take Advantage of Our Free Rental Evaluation

As specialists in Littleton property management, we understand the pivotal role of setting the right rental price — it affects vacancy duration, tenant quality, and your overall return on investment (ROI). Since we’re committed to helping you maximize your rental income and attract the best tenants, we also offer a comprehensive rental evaluation at no cost to you.

Leasing and Managing Homes in Lakewood

Why You Should Plug Into the Littleton Rental Property Market

Littleton, CO is a thriving metro area with a diverse economy, strong job market, and high demand for rental properties. Plugging into this market can help you take advantage of the increasing housing demand as a property owner. Additionally, Littleton has a vibrant community with a range of amenities and attractions, making it an attractive location for renters and property owners alike.

With its strong fundamentals and potential for growth, the Littleton rental property market is an excellent choice for anyone looking to invest in real estate. If you’re looking for investment opportunities or need to list your property on the housing market, you need to consult an experienced Littleton property management company to avoid issues. For this, you can count on Walters & Company as your partner in success.

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Our Services: Working with Walters & Company Property Management

Filling Vacancies Quickly

At Walters & Company, we do our very best to fill vacancies promptly to maximize your returns. This is why we list your property on over 100 websites, including Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, MLS, Padmapper, Show Me The Rent,, and so much more. This way, we ensure that your property doesn’t stay vacant for long.

3D Walkthroughs

In a digital age, visuals speak volumes when it comes to rental property management in Littleton. You can take advantage of our cutting-edge 3D tours to give potential tenants the best view of your property. Considering how people consume video content on social media, this is an innovative approach that often results in faster property rentals and a higher tenant engagement rate.

Screening Prospective Tenants

Securing the right tenant is crucial for a successful rental experience. So, in order to ensure the best owner-property relationship, we employ a thorough and meticulous tenant screening process. As we said, we are your partner in success, and this means we want the best tenants on your property.

How do we do it? We carry out sufficient credit and background checks as part of our tenant screening process. We don’t just rent out properties; we also evaluate prospective tenants’ financial stability and rental history, so you have reliable and responsible occupants.

Creating a Solid Lease Agreement

The right lease agreement is the foundation of a successful landlord-tenant relationship in Northglenn, CO. Walters & Company brings years of professionalism to the table, including our solid negotiation skills. We work alongside trusted local attorneys to create lease and rental agreements that protect the owner and their interests.

Proactive Property Inspections

We know you might be worried about the state of your property. This is why we conduct regular property inspections to identify maintenance needs, address potential issues, and ensure your property retains its value over time. Our in-house maintenance allows us to control pricing, increase transparency and hold tenants accountable. This proactive approach protects your investment and enhances its long-term appeal.

Collecting Rent on Your Behalf

When you sign an agreement with us for rental property management in Littleton, CO, you don’t need to worry about rental collection. Just leave that to us. We have designed our property management system to make for hassle-free and timely rent collection. We handle all aspects of the process, allowing you to enjoy a consistent cash flow without the stress of interfacing with tenants.

Handling Tenant Evictions

Sometimes, we, unfortunately, may have to issue quit notices to a tenant who breaks the terms and conditions of their tenancy agreements. In such cases, Walters & Company consults the services of an expert legal team (Tschetter, Sulzer) to ensure a hassle-free eviction process.

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